追梦 vs 追成绩 Let’s Cut to the Chase: Grades vs Dreams


As children grow up, parents face the impending question: Are results more important, or should the child be allowed to chase his/her dreams? We gather some parents and children to share their thoughts, and we sincerely invite you to come join in the conversation!



· Petrina Kow & daughter Victoria

· Jalyn Han

· Teo Seok Kheng

· Kuik Shiao-Yin (Moderator)

Session will be conducted in English and Mandarin.

About the Speakers关于嘉宾

Petrina Kow 侯玮诗

Petrina is one of our actors in Lao Jiu: The Musical, and is also a much sought-after voice actor. She was a radio deejay and talk show host on various top radio stations in Singapore and is also a popular emcee for corporate and family events. She is the co-founder of a monthly live storytelling event called Telling Stories Live and is passionate about communicating with compassion and confidence.

玮诗是今年《老九》音乐剧的演员之一, 也是一名炙手可热的配音员。此外,她曾在本地多家电台从事节目主持工作,也经常为企业与家庭活动担任主持人。她还是每月举行的“Telling Stories Live”讲故事活动的联合创办人。

Victoria Sung 宋语昕
Previously one of the children cast of Lao Jiu, Victoria is the daughter of Petrina, and is currently enrolled in School of The Arts as a Year 2 student.


Jalyn Han 韩雪卿

Jalyn, mother of 2 grown up sons, a theatre practitioner and theatre educator. She attended the Acting and Directing Courses by the late Kuo Pao Kun from 1989 to 1991, and Jalyn has worked with SAF Music & Drama Company, The Theatre Practice, The Necessary Stage, Theatreworks, Dramabox and Toy Factory, etc. As an educator, she has worked in both mainstream and special needs schools. She believes that success is defined by oneself.

韩雪卿是名资深的剧场人、教育工作者及两个儿子的妈妈。 她于19891991年参与郭宝崑教导的表演与导演课程。过后,她学以致用,和本地不同的剧场合作,例如SAF Music & Drama Company、实践剧场、必要剧场、剧艺工作坊、戏剧盒及Toy肥料厂。作为一名教育工作者,除了在主流学校授课,她也到特殊教育学校服务。她觉得成功的标准不是他人为自己而设的。

Teo Seok Kheng张淑琼

Seok Kheng has toiled in the finance sector for the past decade. Interestingly, she was enrolled in Practice Performing Arts School (then known as Singapore Performing Arts School) for Dance, and her two daughters have also followed in her footsteps. Her older daughter is currently in the States pursuing a career in the arts, while her younger daughter is an auditor. Either way, she's a real supportive mom!


Kuik Shiao-Yin 郭晓韵 (Moderator)

Together with two founding partners, Kuik Shiao-Yin runs a group known as The Thought Collective whose mission is to build up the social and emotional capital of Singapore. They work with public, private and people sector partners to design impactful media, events and programmes that help communities grow braver, kinder and stronger. Kuik currently serves as a Nominated Member of Parliament. She has given many talks on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, resilience and the power of personal story.

郭晓韵与两位创办人一起经营社会企业Thought Collective,主要使命在于建立起新加坡社会及情感资本,与多种合作对象一起设计具有影响力的活动和节目,有助社区团体变得愈加勇敢,友善和强大。晓韵目前担任受委官委议员。她就创新,创业精神,创造力,韧性以及个人故事的力量进行了多项座谈会。

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